Sunday, May 30, 2004

Noro bag

This is just a simple bag made from Noro Kureyon number 87. I knit it in the round...and made an i-cord (4 stitches). I'm very happy with it. I think I may add a zipper at the's not even dry yet.

Felting notes:
After 10 mintues: started to felt.
After 20: Looks good, stiches are not too visible.
After 25: Needs to get smaller.
After 37: Almost perfect....
After 47: Looks so super great!

The i-cord was to strands together. I wasn't sure how the colors would look. After felting they blened into one and look great!!!
After felting Posted by Hello

Kia modeling the Noro bag, before felting. (She just woke up)  Posted by Hello

After felting Posted by Hello

before felting Posted by Hello

After 20 mintues of felting

Close up of gallaway (on top) and Noro Kureyon 87. Posted by Hello

Felted Pocketbook

Here is is. The fleted pocketbook from Kniter's Magazine winter 2003. I used Gallaway, and am quite happy with it.

Felting notes:
After 10 minutes: Beautiful. Stiches are not very visible.
After 20: Almost finished.
After 25: I felt it was done, but think i'll just leave it.
After 30: It's done and looks great. Pictures are posted of pre and post felting. Gallaway seems to felt nicely, it appears to have some little balls of fuzz.

I'll be using a felting kit to add some colors....coming soon!
felted Posted by Hello

Unfelted Posted by Hello

Friday, May 21, 2004

Yummy Kyoto

Here are my colors. Kia really likes the pink! I'm plainning on starting once I try Briana's on. I'm not sure what size to make and am right in the middle of two sizes.

Kia Posted by Hello

Bronwyn's kyoto colors Posted by Hello

Kyoto update

Kyoto is my slow-going long-term project (at least that's how it feels!). I don't have much time for knitting, although hopefully this weekend I should have plenty since I have a few long car rides, plus it's a long weekend.

En tout cas, here are some photos. I've finished the back (yes, it is one large rectangle), and am currently working my way through the sash. I am over half-way on the sash, and am hoping the other pieces will go by more quickly since they are mostly stockinette. Love the way the double-seed stitch looks, but I feel like it's really slowing me down. (I wanted to take a photo of a stitch close-up, but they really weren't worth posting. Honestly.)

Here's the finished back, with sash colours on top. Posted by Hello

Kyoto updates - this here is one slow-moving sash. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The Baby Sweater - a finished object from last summer. Posted by Hello

Joining in the fun

Ok, I finally seem to be signed up. I'm almost ready to jump right in, except that school is busy, so knitting is at a standstill. Maybe I'll dig up a photo of a sweater I knit for my friend's baby in Finland last summer. Proof that I actually can finish projects!

Mastering the cable.......kind of.

Here it is. My first cable, thanks to the great instructions from stitch n' bitch. (that book rocks). it's not that hard, but my tension on the twist part of the cable needs some suprise. i'll keep at it. I made alittle mistake and some how ended up with an extra stitch, not seeing it till a row later, i didn't decrease soon enough and knit a big deal. Maybe i'll put a cable on my next blanket for critter the end of a blanket, I should have it nailed. and any mistakes, hopefully the cats won't mind.
my first cable!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Second side of Kemp done!!

I just finished the second side today. i think i'll make it the back of the bag. started the handles....they are going to take a long, long time. they are only 7 stitches so it's alot of turning. corrigan is wearing the second side and is not too happy about it.
Corrigan modeling the second side. Posted by Hello

Second side (i think i'll make this the back) Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Kemp Bag

I wasn't going to get any more yarn...i need to go on a diet, but i couldn't help it. I have never seen this yarn before, it's called NORO BLOSSOM and i so nice! I'm using shade 3. I finished the first side, of two, yesterday and last night while i watched a movie. It's quite simple to make but seems to take a while. I'll cast on side two, while I get new tires on the van this afternoon.
Kemp bag from Simply Noro Posted by Hello

bag from 'simply noro' Posted by Hello

Front (side 1 of 2)

Reverse side

Friday, May 14, 2004

Bag from stitch n' bitch (felted)

here is the yarn. lite lopi. mc is going to be with the purple and cc with pink. I wanted to use colors that weren't typical bronwyn, but i loved these ones so much!! gauge swatch is done and i'm ready to cast on!!

here is my yarn for the bag in stitch n' bitch! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

This is Ruby! Our 3 year old Chow. if this works it will be my first posted picture! Posted by Hello

the first day

Today's goal is to 'learn' how to post pictures......

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