Friday, May 21, 2004

Kyoto update

Kyoto is my slow-going long-term project (at least that's how it feels!). I don't have much time for knitting, although hopefully this weekend I should have plenty since I have a few long car rides, plus it's a long weekend.

En tout cas, here are some photos. I've finished the back (yes, it is one large rectangle), and am currently working my way through the sash. I am over half-way on the sash, and am hoping the other pieces will go by more quickly since they are mostly stockinette. Love the way the double-seed stitch looks, but I feel like it's really slowing me down. (I wanted to take a photo of a stitch close-up, but they really weren't worth posting. Honestly.)
looks good!! i like the colors. i can see what you mean on the double seed stitch.
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