Sunday, June 27, 2004

The sun is shinning

Ruby Posted by Hello

The sun was really shinning, so Ruby had to wear her new doggles!! I don't think she like them.....That's ok, she only had to wear them for the picture. A pet store was going out of business on Saturday and everything was 70% off. I was going to buy these doggles, but them didn't think they'd fit and didn't have the money. The women ended up giving them to me....which was super nice, and I guess a good since none of the dogs like them.

It's not a shawl, It's not a poncho....It's a shauncho! (we'll right now it's not much.....)

I made some progress this weekend in Portland. I ended up volunteering one of the days at the racetrack, so I only really had one day of knitting plus the ferry ride home.

This idea came courtesy of Still life, in Victoria B.C. Mike's sister, Laura saw this shawl/poncho, and feel in love. Laura figured out the pattern, and make one. The one at the store was garter stitch, very ichy and $135!!!!! I also feel in love and after seeing Laura's, HAD to make one. I've decided to make mine out of cotton. I'm quite happy with it so far.

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I've wanted to make some legwarmers for quite sometime. I was going to make the Postmodern legwarmers but once I found these ones , I was the fact that I had some silk garden in the stash. The only problem is so far....I don't think i'll have enough yarn....There is so little left, and I still have so far to go......I'll keep this updated!

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Friday, June 18, 2004

I have a home!!!

On Tuesday (i think) or was it Monday afternoon, Penny, 2 cats, Shadow and I were on check 6 news. After our appearance, the phone calls flooded in for my li'l guy. The perfect and I mean perfect women adopted Shadow. She already has 3 goldens and Shadow loved all of them. I'm so happy that he found a super super super super super home. He is going for surgery in the morning, so I'll be thinking of him. I'll call his new mom next week to get the update on this little guy. Marshall was also adopted to a wonderful family!!!

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Halfway through Excite!

Excite - one week in Posted by Hello

Here's what a week of being 'on' the knitting gives me - the entire back of Excite is all finished up. I wanted to leave the shoulder stitches on a stitch holder to do a 3-needle bind-off with the front, but when I started doing the shoulder shaping, I wasn't sure if that would work anymore.

Again, I cannot stress how much I love the design, the yarn, or the use of big needles. I am hoping to finish off the whole thing by Canada day, but I should perhaps give myself a bit more time for blocking and sewing. I'm casting on the front tonight, and the pattern looks pretty straightforward - it's identical to the back until you get to the neck decreases.

Don't forget the sunscreen...

ouch!  Posted by Hello

And this is why I may not be wearing Excite the very day I get it finished. I have a bad feeling that I'll be spending the rest of my summer trying to lose the bike-jersey tan line. And this is just after riding for 4 hours last Saturday!

Monday, June 14, 2004

Shadow and the eyeless bunny

Shadow and the eyeless bunny Posted by Hello

In about 2 hours, Shadow pulled all of these eyes off random stuffed animals.

Sunday, June 13, 2004


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I love this dog!! His name is Shadow and he is a 7 year old Golden Retriever. His owners brought his to the vet to put him to sleep. He needed a $900 operation, and the owners decided that he wasn't worth it. Even when the vet offered to do the surgery for FREE, they still wanted him put to sleep, since he only cost them money. The vet finally got them to surrender him and a vet tech brought him to the Victoria SPCA at 5:30 Saturday night. I has there walking dogs and fell in love. He is so sweet, I can't imagine anyone want him to be put down. We had a connection right away. He still needs the surgery, which the vet is still doing for free, this coming Saturday. It's likely he will be adopted before then. I really wanted to bring him home, but now is not a good time. With the move and all, and the fact that after the suregry he'll need a nice quite, non dog playing house to rehab in, we are not the right family for him.....if it was a few months down the road, it would be a different story. I went to knit with him today and we had a great time. I'll do again in the morning. He isn't allowed to go for walks, so he needs lots of extra is his link form the SPCA Shadow

We had him hanging out with Marshall today and they had a super time!!

Marshall (please note, pictures are alittle upsetting.)

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Friday, June 11, 2004

Bags by Mags

I love this yarn. It comes all the way from T.O. I love the colors. I've decided to use them for my bags by mags...but who knows when i'll start. I really want to do Excite by Rowan, but have to wait to see about the yarn....and of course money. I think i'll put the bags on hold...the projects may be needed when I'm a student in Portland and seriously have NO money.

Thanks for sending the yarn, Briana. Hey, did you like that wool I sent you?

Original bag Posted by Hello

Rose Again Posted by Hello

Now this is what I call progress...

 Posted by Hello

Excite has me so, well, excited about knitting, that I couldn't wait to cast on and get started. And I stayed up past my bedtime, happily knitting away. It feels so good to be knitting with the big needles again, and feeling like I am actually getting somewhere with my knitting. In fact, I've got about 12cm done already -- I'm almost halfway up to the shoulder shaping!

The cotton tape is very soft, and moves easily on the needles. It drapes really nicely, and I had no problem getting the gauge recommended. It seems to twist sometimes, but I suspect that has more to do with me constantly turning my work in the same direction between rows.

It's a tape thing

New yarn, new pattern, new project! Posted by Hello

Is there a patron saint of finished objects? If so, I hope she forgives me, for I am weak.

So weak, I could not resist the siren call of a new project. Something faster than Kyoto. Something to go with the hot weather we've been hit with in Toronto. Something new.

Enter: excite, from Rowan "It's a Tape Thing". I dropped way too much money on this little project, and now I know why I never allowed myself to even look at the Rowan yarns before. Why? Because addiction is just around the corner, and I'll probably go broke quickly after that. The Rowan cotton tape is so so so so nice and soft. Could this be love?


Kyoto Posted by Hello

Here it is - the Kyoto sash, in all it's finished glory (see how I've nicely tucked in all of the ends so you don't see them?!?). I've cast on the sleeve, but was seeing if I could do it in the round (I don't think I can without resorting to DPNs). Sadly, I can't, so whenever I finish this baby off, it'll be a great big seaming party.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

More Kool Aid

I got a few more yarns at the LYS yesterday and tried them out.

The Naturally '12 ply' was ok. It is 100% wool and did not really suck the color up. I did this one in a solid color in the microwave. It cost $5.99 for 110g/152m.

The Wendy 'Guernsey five ply' worked well. It did not really suck the color up. I tried a small piece, and did tried to make Boro, but it stayed really light. I'm still quite happy with it. I did another one in a mix of reds, that I really like. It was a really good deal; $2.50 for 100g.

The Marks & Kattens 'Boheme' is a superwash and works really well. It was on sale for $2.25 for 50g/90m. Think i'll pick more of this up soon!

try outs Posted by Hello

Close up Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


That is not a typing mistake...this is BORO, Bronwyn's version of NORO. My first batch of BORO went quite well. I used a superwash wool 'boheme' that was on sale for $2.25 for 50g. It's quite nice. The color took really well and I am really happy with how it turned out. I used a bunch of regular kool aid colors.

boro knitted up Posted by Hello

Boro (1st) Posted by Hello

Monday, June 07, 2004

New knitting bag

I've wanted to make one of these for a long time. The bag is made out of Retro Vinyl Tablecloth. It goes for about $11 (canadian) a yard, so I got the leftover pieces. I make the bag reversible, and that was a bit of a challenge. Vinyl is also hard to sew with since you can't use pins. It measures approx. 16"x 4" without the handles. I'm very happy with it, I think like the red side better.

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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Counting rows is a dream

I couldn't help it. I have seen this row counter on the net and always wanted one! I got it today. It cost me an arm and a leg, but 18 rows later, it was worth it. I love it so much. I also got the stitch holders by Clover. They open at both ends, which is a super good idea.....could have used them when I was making my 'bottoms up' hat and things went wrong in the round! Both are made by Clover from Japan...I'll have to pick up some more when I'm there next!!

Clover row counter Posted by Hello

World's best stitch holders! Posted by Hello

Sophie is all done!!!

I tried the felting needles again. I'm much happier with the results. It is difficult and takes lots of time. I just did circles, since they aren't too hard. I'll have to practice, so I can do some harder stuff. I am pleased with the finished product!!!

Sophie finished!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Martha Hat

Just finished another martha hat. I did this one on DPN's since I hate, hate, hate sewing things up, and I suck at it! I also didn't BO the stitches at the end, instead I feed the yarn throught the stitches and pulled it tight. For yarn I used Lopi and Sunbeam Paris Mohair (color 1234 (seriously)). It is a little varigated!

me!! Posted by Hello

Close up of the varigated mohair, (that's ruby at the bottom) Posted by Hello


Sophie is done!! Thanks to this pattern, I can now pick up stitches. This is something I was always afraid of but actually is really easy. The bag itself knit up quick. I used Patons Classic Wool Merino (color 212), costing $7 a skein. At 1 skein for the bag, it's a good deal. I'm not crazy about the strap. I'm new at the i-cord thing and my 'twist' sucks. Next time, I'll do a 6 stitch I-cord. It will be stronger and I think will look better.

Felting notes:
after 10: stiches are not very visible.
after 20: looks good.
after 29: i think it's there but....
after 35: finished!

I was really pleased with the way this wool felted. I'll be able to get a real feel for it once it is dry and I can compare it other wool I have felted!

after felting. bag measure 7" and with strap measures 12.5". Posted by Hello

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