Friday, June 18, 2004

Halfway through Excite!

Excite - one week in Posted by Hello

Here's what a week of being 'on' the knitting gives me - the entire back of Excite is all finished up. I wanted to leave the shoulder stitches on a stitch holder to do a 3-needle bind-off with the front, but when I started doing the shoulder shaping, I wasn't sure if that would work anymore.

Again, I cannot stress how much I love the design, the yarn, or the use of big needles. I am hoping to finish off the whole thing by Canada day, but I should perhaps give myself a bit more time for blocking and sewing. I'm casting on the front tonight, and the pattern looks pretty straightforward - it's identical to the back until you get to the neck decreases.
That looks really good! i really want to make one. but i also want to make a shawl, thought i may make one out of butterfly super 10, for the cold summer nights....?
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