Wednesday, June 09, 2004

More Kool Aid

I got a few more yarns at the LYS yesterday and tried them out.

The Naturally '12 ply' was ok. It is 100% wool and did not really suck the color up. I did this one in a solid color in the microwave. It cost $5.99 for 110g/152m.

The Wendy 'Guernsey five ply' worked well. It did not really suck the color up. I tried a small piece, and did tried to make Boro, but it stayed really light. I'm still quite happy with it. I did another one in a mix of reds, that I really like. It was a really good deal; $2.50 for 100g.

The Marks & Kattens 'Boheme' is a superwash and works really well. It was on sale for $2.25 for 50g/90m. Think i'll pick more of this up soon!

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