Friday, June 11, 2004

Now this is what I call progress...

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Excite has me so, well, excited about knitting, that I couldn't wait to cast on and get started. And I stayed up past my bedtime, happily knitting away. It feels so good to be knitting with the big needles again, and feeling like I am actually getting somewhere with my knitting. In fact, I've got about 12cm done already -- I'm almost halfway up to the shoulder shaping!

The cotton tape is very soft, and moves easily on the needles. It drapes really nicely, and I had no problem getting the gauge recommended. It seems to twist sometimes, but I suspect that has more to do with me constantly turning my work in the same direction between rows.
I LOVE IT!! i wish i was making excite..... i'm also glad to see i'm not the only one posting on OUR blog. Next time your at Romni can you please see if they have enough skeins to do the main in 'electirc 500' or second choice 'scorched 554' with contrast in 'fever 555'. if they have excite i may do contrast in both 554 or 555, but i guess they can always be taken out and changed? i called Evilhive and I don't think they have any of the new color. I'll get mom to measure me when she gets home. I LOVE IT!!!! looks so great!!
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