Sunday, June 13, 2004


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I love this dog!! His name is Shadow and he is a 7 year old Golden Retriever. His owners brought his to the vet to put him to sleep. He needed a $900 operation, and the owners decided that he wasn't worth it. Even when the vet offered to do the surgery for FREE, they still wanted him put to sleep, since he only cost them money. The vet finally got them to surrender him and a vet tech brought him to the Victoria SPCA at 5:30 Saturday night. I has there walking dogs and fell in love. He is so sweet, I can't imagine anyone want him to be put down. We had a connection right away. He still needs the surgery, which the vet is still doing for free, this coming Saturday. It's likely he will be adopted before then. I really wanted to bring him home, but now is not a good time. With the move and all, and the fact that after the suregry he'll need a nice quite, non dog playing house to rehab in, we are not the right family for him.....if it was a few months down the road, it would be a different story. I went to knit with him today and we had a great time. I'll do again in the morning. He isn't allowed to go for walks, so he needs lots of extra is his link form the SPCA Shadow

We had him hanging out with Marshall today and they had a super time!!

Marshall (please note, pictures are alittle upsetting.)
I got one of my dogs from the Burnaby SPCA his name is Boscoe and he is amazing, I think that's great that you work/volunter there
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