Saturday, June 05, 2004


Sophie is done!! Thanks to this pattern, I can now pick up stitches. This is something I was always afraid of but actually is really easy. The bag itself knit up quick. I used Patons Classic Wool Merino (color 212), costing $7 a skein. At 1 skein for the bag, it's a good deal. I'm not crazy about the strap. I'm new at the i-cord thing and my 'twist' sucks. Next time, I'll do a 6 stitch I-cord. It will be stronger and I think will look better.

Felting notes:
after 10: stiches are not very visible.
after 20: looks good.
after 29: i think it's there but....
after 35: finished!

I was really pleased with the way this wool felted. I'll be able to get a real feel for it once it is dry and I can compare it other wool I have felted!

after felting. bag measure 7" and with strap measures 12.5". Posted by Hello

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