Thursday, July 22, 2004

blocking, blocking, blocking Posted by Hello

It was a block party at my place on Tuesday night, and a seaming party last night.  Excite is so close to being finished, I am soooo excited (pun not at all intended).  I tried it on last night after seaming, and the fit is a bit boxy - a little short, and a bit wide.  I still need to put the colors into the "racing stripes" and sew in a few more ends, and then I think I might reblock it to fix the length to something I like a little bit more.  Wooo!  I am going out to see Camera Obscura on Friday night, and am already planning on wearing this baby on the town.

looks good! can you reblock it to a better fit??? i hope mine fits.....fingers are crossed.
I don't see why I can't block it to change the fit a little. As far as I know, the role of blocking is to 'set' the stitches, so it should work for minor adjustments. We'll see!
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