Monday, July 12, 2004

Coming up......

I've been knitting away, but things seem to be moving slow. I will be attempting the shoulder shaping AGAIN on Excite and hopefully this time things will work out. I didn't think it was a good idea to start another project, but I have. I've joined the Sophie along after seeing Georgia's Sophie!! . I just love it! I'm doing this one in black. One of the reasons for deciding to do another Sophie, was that it is brainless and I can do it on my lunch break at work.

After excite, I had dreams of Thrill or Carla from Rowan's It's a tape thing. This dream is going to have to wait. The truth is, I think they are too hard for me. But that's ok! Today I fell in love with Rowan's Pia from Rowan 35. The pictures off the Rowan site is nice, but once I saw Kat's (I love the color) and Jennifer's I was sure this was my next 'big' project.

Better get the current ones on the go, so I have time for these ones......

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