Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Knitting updates from Toronto

I have been busy, but have got a bit of knitting done.  No photos, sorry, but I'll try to remember to take a few tonight.
First update is for excite, which I am happy to report, is ready to be blocked.  I have finished both pieces.  I have sewn all the ends in.  I was getting ready to pin the pieces down to shape, when I got an invite to go out that I couldn't refuse.... so I am planning on blocking it out tonight. 
Can I tell you all how scared I am?  I have never been so close to finishing a sweater before!  I am so worried that I'm going to screw up something in sewing it together, or knitting the neckband, or anything in between.  Even worse, I am so worried it is not going to fit!  Soon we'll see.
Next thing I've got on the go is sophie, from MagKnits.  Yes, all of Bronwyn's talk about felted purses made me want one.  I've just got a few rows of the bottom done; I'm using Brown Sheep Nature Spun, 100% worsted wool.  It's charcoal, so the purse will be plain, but I will be able to think up some way to make it a bit funkier once is it done.
Hopefully I will have further updates on both of these projects (and photos!) soon.

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