Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Noro Polo Vest

I was surfing the net and ran across the new Rowan books that are coming out this fall.  I want them all!  Check it out at the knitting garden. I love 'bloom' from rowan 36, 'Coty' from Big just got bigger (I have to learn to crochet!!!!!), 'aimee' from Vintage Styles, 'Ava' and 'Jilly' from Ribbon twist collection.  I have to say Rowan is truly a sin.


Noro Polo Vest Posted by Hello

I started this yesterday afternoon, and it's coming along quite nice.  It's the NORO POLO VEST (Y-643), from Noro volume 13 (I think....).  The pattern is easy to work and is moving quite quickly.  I'm doing it in color 92 (sadly discontinued).  I'm about 50% done the first half. 

Here is Ruby in her new dancing shoes.  First we had green (after the surgery....feet and eyes) and now we have pink!  They are already really dirty, but they look so cute!  She's doing really well, and doesn't really seem to mind the cone.

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