Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Ripping it out.......

It's all comin' out Posted by Hello

I started to schaucho (a shawl and a poncho together) and I decided to change the original design and knit it from the bottom to top (the original idea was do knit it left to right), but I wanted to do a twisted stitch pattern, and this required (to my knowledge) doing it bottom to top. (If this doesn't make sense, it will, when I'm done and you get to see a picture of it.)

Anyway, this knitting was creating a worse roll that I thought it would. I guess you could say, I HATE IT!! I'm not pleased with it at all, but really had to come to terms with ripping it out, since each row is 200 sts and I'm at about row 40. Oh well, no sense knitting the whole thing if I'm not going to be happy with it...........

I have also ordered a poncho kit made with Rowan Cotton tape off ebay from knitomatic (Haley) . She is super super nice, and my sister said her store in T.O. is great! I know I don't need any more yarn, but I just think this is so cute and it's a really good deal!

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