Monday, August 23, 2004


Im on vacation for 2 weeks in Tokyo and so far it was been super! On Saturday I meet up with Kat (aka Pinku) . I had a great time. Kat took me to her LYS, a huge craft shop with some much yarn, I didn:t know where to start. I:ll have to wonder back there before I leave and take another look around. The selection of clover products was huge, they had stuff I have never seen before and about 30-40% cheaper than at home.

The situation on NORO surprised me, to say the least. Kat said it wasn:t popular here, and it worked out to about the same price as at home. That was a little disappointing, but Japan has so much yarn to offer, Noro is just the beginning.

Then, we went to AVRIL . It was the best yarn store I have ever been to and will likely ever go to. The yarn is to die for. i bought 2 yarns, and a little grab bag for $6. (pictures so come) Its hard to describe、 I suggest a visit, its well worth it.

Kat then showed me around Kichijoji, it is filled with big department stores, but has a collection of little craft stores. great area for shopping and looking around.

pictures to come (when I get home in September, I have no idea how to post on this computer)


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