Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Dreaming of more knits

I am really loving the scarf I started, and always have trouble putting it down. I had a brainstorm of doing legwarmers or armwarmers with the pattern, too, but I'm not sure about that. It might be a bit much to have so much matchy-matchy, so I may have to come up with another project for the leftovers of the yarn I am using (though I do want legwarmers - they seem perfect for fall and skirts!).

But at the same time, I'm being distracted by another potential project.... the minisweater. I swear, I didn't like it at first, but I've seen so many cute finished ones, I am beginning to think I want one!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Perfect Fall Scarf

Last night at the Saving Grace knit club meeting, I started a new project. Why bother continuing with all those other started projects (the blue socks [which lives at school], Stripes-go-Round, Kyoto, Grecian Plait), when there is a perfectly fun new project waiting to be started.

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The stitch pattern comes from Mag Knits, and is the pattern used in the Frida poncho pattern. I don't want to make a poncho - I want to make a scarf. And this tweedy red yarn, with the leaf pattern makes me think of fall and the leaves all changing colour. I just cast on 30 stitches instead of 90, and subtracted 30 stitches from the beginning and end of each row, giving it a more narrow garter stitch border. There is a bit of a roll, which I hope blocking will take out. Otherwise, maybe a slightly bigger border would have worked (say, taking 25 stitches off each end, rather than 30).

I've done two complete patterns, which are 24 rows each. I really like the way it looks, and now that I am getting used to the pattern, it is not so hard to follow. The first 8 rows took me an hour and a half, but when I came back to it after a dinner break, the other rows seemed to go more quickly. I think I may need a denim jacket to wear this with...

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I might actually feel bad about it, except that I am actually using yarn from my stash. So it's not like I bought new yarn for it, and that makes it a not-so-bad new project to start. Right?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

sophie - ready to cook! Posted by Hello

Here's Sophie (from Mag Knits). I knit it up in Brown Sheep Naturespun worsted (I think...), and is a charcoal gray. I would like to sew in a magnetic clasp before I felt it, and am still thinking of how to embellish the purse to make it a bit more exciting. It's nice, and I'm sure it'll look great felted, but I admit it's a bit boring.

I followed Bronwyn's suggestions for Sophie, as she has done a few - I didn't do the last set of decreases, and did a single i-cord strap on 8 stitches (rather than two 3-stitch cords twisted together).

I am really excited to have finished this one, because I'm going to try felting it on the stovetop. I talked to Megan at Lettuce Knit about it, and it sounds fairly straightforward - we'll see how easy it actually is! Updates once I've given it a shot!!

one sock (and a bit) Posted by Hello

Here's a quick shot of my first sock, and the beginnings of its pair. I technically haven't finished the sock, as I still need to graft the toe shut, but the needles are now in use for the second sock!

These socks are a good learning experience for me - I've been reading through about 3 different patterns, and making it up as I go along. I like the height of the ankle part, although it looks a bit funny because it is so much shorter than the foot (it looks better when actually on)! I'm not crazy about the heel I did - it alternates knitting and slipped stitches to give a stronger heel (apparently where I should expect the sock to wear through).

I've been working on sock2 at school when I am waiting for computer programs to run through, so I'm not getting that much work done on it these days!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Yarn from Japan

I've posted a few pictures of the yarn I bought in Japan. Some of it has planned projects, other's I just bought. I'll find a use for them some day.

Diadomina for ChicKami Posted by Hello

Corrigan with some random Japanese yarn Posted by Hello

Diavoyage for Wrist Warmers Posted by Hello

Yarn from Avril Posted by Hello

Mohair from Avril Posted by Hello

Yarn from Avril Posted by Hello

Kia holding CHU BBY by Puppy Yarn Posted by Hello

Hello Kitty yarn!!!! Posted by Hello

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