Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Perfect Fall Scarf

Last night at the Saving Grace knit club meeting, I started a new project. Why bother continuing with all those other started projects (the blue socks [which lives at school], Stripes-go-Round, Kyoto, Grecian Plait), when there is a perfectly fun new project waiting to be started.

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The stitch pattern comes from Mag Knits, and is the pattern used in the Frida poncho pattern. I don't want to make a poncho - I want to make a scarf. And this tweedy red yarn, with the leaf pattern makes me think of fall and the leaves all changing colour. I just cast on 30 stitches instead of 90, and subtracted 30 stitches from the beginning and end of each row, giving it a more narrow garter stitch border. There is a bit of a roll, which I hope blocking will take out. Otherwise, maybe a slightly bigger border would have worked (say, taking 25 stitches off each end, rather than 30).

I've done two complete patterns, which are 24 rows each. I really like the way it looks, and now that I am getting used to the pattern, it is not so hard to follow. The first 8 rows took me an hour and a half, but when I came back to it after a dinner break, the other rows seemed to go more quickly. I think I may need a denim jacket to wear this with...

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