Thursday, September 16, 2004

sophie - ready to cook! Posted by Hello

Here's Sophie (from Mag Knits). I knit it up in Brown Sheep Naturespun worsted (I think...), and is a charcoal gray. I would like to sew in a magnetic clasp before I felt it, and am still thinking of how to embellish the purse to make it a bit more exciting. It's nice, and I'm sure it'll look great felted, but I admit it's a bit boring.

I followed Bronwyn's suggestions for Sophie, as she has done a few - I didn't do the last set of decreases, and did a single i-cord strap on 8 stitches (rather than two 3-stitch cords twisted together).

I am really excited to have finished this one, because I'm going to try felting it on the stovetop. I talked to Megan at Lettuce Knit about it, and it sounds fairly straightforward - we'll see how easy it actually is! Updates once I've given it a shot!!

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