Monday, November 01, 2004

And now: the boobholder

Here's the boobholder, which I actually finished two weeks ago. I've worn it a few times, always with compliments, but as you can probably see, it's a bit large for me. I thought I may need to add stitches to accomodate my own *ahem* ample chest, but this has resulted in it being a bit too large. I compensated, by making the front ends cross, rather than meeting in the centre, but I still need to move the button to tighten it up a bit further.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed
Needles: 6.5mm
Time: 2 weeks - a pretty quick knit!

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(in case you are wondering what the little white thing in the bottom is, it's a pin that I use to tighten the bottom until I get around to moving the button. I thought I had lost it, but saw it in the photo, so managed to close it before I injured myself!)

Comments: are you the Briana who has been commenting on my blog occasionally?
Niina! Tervetuloa! Yes, I am that same Briana... there do not seem to be many of us! And unfortunately, neither my sister nor I have had much time to blog recently.
The Boobholder looks great--it does not look to big in the pics.

Take care!
Thank you!
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