Friday, January 07, 2005

A cold day in Victoria........

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The first snow of the year is here! I was very surprised to wake up this morning to snow. For Victoria, it is freezing, and it's really too cold to go outside. Although, I did brave the weather to play in the snow with the dogs.

I finished up some knitting projects and thought this would be a good time to post some pictures of the stuff I've worked on over the holiday season. I've made 3 pairs of wrist warmers / no finger gloves, all 3 from Noro. Briana taught me how to do a thumb gusset, and I can't get enough of it!! I also finally finished the red scarf, which is made from alpaca. It is so super warm.

Today I also started yet another project.....Another pair of fingerless wrist warmers gloves. They are made from alpaca, in a dark purple, to match a hat and a scarf (it is 25% done). I have one down, and hopefully the other will be done soon.

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